Where Fairytales Meet Reality

Selectum's story is a passionate narrative of elegance... Its name, derived from Latin, means "Chosen". Selectum represents a graceful, stunning, and captivating quality.

Our journey started by reimagining and introducing Turkish hospitality with the distinct Selectum style. Over time, our passion grew, driving us to transform and elevate this dream even further.
Dedicated to excellence, we worked hard to enhance our meticulous service approach.
Our vision for Selectum was to create a world where fairytales meet reality, embracing a welcoming essence.
Throughout your stay, experience a comfortable holiday that seamlessly blends into a captivating art of entertainment, enhanced by the delicious flavors crafted by our passionate chefs, both day and night.
Every action we take is motivated by our determination "To do what hasn't been done, to offer what hasn't been presented!"
In Selectum hotels, each new day starts with brand new stories. 
Welcome to Selectum...

Are You Ready to Feel Selectum?

Unique destinations eagerly await to host you, creating everlasting memories.

  • Selectum Luxury Resort Belek
  • Selectum Luxury Door'a Bodrum
  • Selectum Family Resort Belek
  • Selectum Family Resort Side
  • Selectum Colours Bodrum
  • Selectum Family Comfort Side
  • Selectum For Two Side
  • Selectum City Ataşehir
  • Selectum Family Resort Varadero

Selectum Luxury Resort Belek


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    Our Offers

    Discover The Luxury With Your Family

    Discover The Luxury With Your Family

    Experience the luxury with your family at Selectum Villas, where you can explore its enchanting beauty and create unforgettable vacation memories. Immerse yourself in a holiday filled with exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and breathtaking nature.

    Enjoy Spring’s Vacation

    Enjoy Spring’s Vacation

    Plan your spring getaway at Selectum Hotels for a perfect blend of comfort and quality. Delight in family-friendly activities, while your children have a blast at our mini-club. Experience exclusive adult activities, creating unforgettable holiday memories.

    Dream-Like Honeymoon

    Dream-Like Honeymoon

    Selectum Hotels is crafted to enhance your joy and make lasting memories. Reserve your ideal honeymoon package now and embark on a romantic journey filled with elegance and luxury!

    Hello Istanbul, Here We Are!

    Hello Istanbul, Here We Are!

    Selectum City Ataşehir has a great location in the most popular center of the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Inspired by Traditional Turkish Hospitality, with the understanding of personalized perfect service brings together the satisfaction of its guests.

    Rest & Relax

    Rest & Relax

    We invite you to a world of tranquility and rejuvenation. With our nature-inspired concepts and exclusive activities, you will experience peace and nature simultaneously.

    24/7 Delightful Flavors

    24/7 Delightful Flavors

    Our restaurants, filled with exquisite flavors, await you! Are you ready for an endless culinary feast? Whether you have an energetic start to the day at breakfast, pamper your palate at lunch, enjoy delicious tastes at dinner, or pamper yourself with a night snack. We offer an experience full of flavors at every moment.


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