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Pure Beauty & SPA

Get charmed by the healing powers of water

Pure Beauty Spa invites you to a magical world. Empty your mind and let us take care of you. Your comfort is our priority. Treat your body and soul thanks to the world's most luxurious, most effective treatments, unique massages, the most exclusive materials, and charming scents. Feel the healing power of water with "Sanus Per Aquam" understanding Selectum Pure Beauty. Join us at Pure Beauty & Spa.


Turkish Bath Scrub & Foam

One of the great things must have been on holiday to Turkey to enjoy the Turkish Bath. Prepare for a relaxing Turkish Bath experience at Selectum.

Scrub & Foam Massage

The Turkish Bath’s hot Scrub and Foam massage will refresh your skin and make your skin look fresh and younger.

Foam Massage

A memorable experience. Do yourself a favor and pamper your skin with Foam Massage at Selectum.

Anti-Stress Massage

Relaxation time from accumulated stress. Leave the hassle situations behind you and enjoy the massage.

Relax Massage

You deserve a relaxing massage. Enjoy your holiday with the Relax Massage, refreshed, and rested.

Classic Massage

Frequent massage freshens the body as well as the spirit even more. Take off with the Classic Massage and enjoy your holiday.

Deep Tissue Massage

Over time, stress and lymph nodes become blocked, Deep Tissue Massage will open these points, and you will feel reborn again.

Aromatherapy Massage

Who wouldn't want to enjoy a massage with great scents? Relaxing aromatic scents increase the pleasure of massage. A must-try.

Sports Massage

Experience this relaxing and energizing massage to relax your muscles before and after sporting activities.

Balinese Massage

Bring the relaxing spiritual journey of Asia to your day with massages. Keep your holiday refreshed with Balinese Massage.

Thai Massage

Thai, one of the healing massages that have been practiced in the Far East for many years, will provide energy flow to your body.

Shiatsu Massage

With Shiatsu, one of the Far Eastern massages, the energy flow level in your body will return to normal, and you will feel reborn continue throughout the day.

Mandara Massage (4 Hands)

With the Four Hand Massage, two therapists simultaneously dissipate the accumulated energy in your body, relieve your pain, and relieve stress.

Ayurvedic Massage

Choose from ayurvedic massages such as Shirodara, Abiyanga, Shirobiyanga, and enjoy the soothing massage with pleasant scents.

Lomi Lomi Massage

You will be refreshed and refreshed after Lomi Lomi Massage, which heals your body as well as your soul.

Anticellulite Massage

Do not postpone your care. Postpone the formation of cellulite with our Anti-Cellulite Massage.

Lymph Drainage Massage

With this massage, we ease the removal of edema accumulated in the body, and a suitable environment is provided for the lymph system to work more smoothly.


Your feet are the key point of your entire body. With Reflexology Massage, you will feel the comfort that starts from your feet and spreads throughout your body.

Hot Stone Massage

Don't be indifferent to the healing power of hot stones. Get rid of the negative energy accumulated in your body with the hot stones and enjoy your holiday.

Candle Massage

This massage, which is made using unique massage candles prepared using vegetable oils. It is among the massages you should experience with its moisturizing and nourishing features.

Horoscope Massages

Get ready for a massage experience tailored to your horoscope for your specific scents and needs. Horoscope Massages are among the massages you should experience during your holiday.

Pregnant Massage

A more pleasant and comfortable holiday awaits you with this massage that provides blood circulation and flexibility during pregnancy.

Face Massage

This massage helps to tighten the facial muscles by activating the facial muscles. Pamper yourself at Selectum Pure Beauty & Spa.

Skincare & Exfoliating

Pamper your skin on your holiday and visit in Pure Beauty & Spa at Selectum.

Body Care

Unique scents and special treatments. Give yourself a treat.

Eye Care

Get a vigorous and healthier look with the treatments you will have around sensitive eyes.

Seaweed Care

Be sure to try the algae care to regenerate your skin.

Anti-Cellulite Treatments

Anti-cellulite treatments are always available at Pure Beauty & Spa.


During summer, the pool, sea, and sun damage your hair. It’s time to protect it with special hair treatments.

Sea Water Pool

Hydro-massage with pressurized water application in a filtered seawater pool heated to 32 degrees. It boosts lymphatic circulation, blood circulation and provides deep relaxation by helping toxin excretion.

Water Gymnastics

Do gymnastics in a pool filled with heated pressurized seawater, accompanied by a professional instructor.

Underwater Massage

34-38 degree heated water, creating air bubbles from the sole of the foot to the shoulders. It relaxes, calms and regulates circulation. Micronized algae and sea salt added to the water also helps to remove the toxins from the body and regenerate the cells.

Jet Shower

It is a massage made by spraying hot seawater with pressure to certain parts of the body. Accelerates blood circulation.


Selectum Luxury Resort provides hairdresser services at an extra cost. Get a relooking for your holiday.

Hand & Foot Care

Manicure-pedicure and prosthetic nail services, as well as special hand and foot treatments in our hair salon, are available for an additional fee.

Hair Dying

Get a new look and renew your hair color in our hairdresser.

Hair Styling

Get special hairstyles for your special occasions and steal the lights.

Permanent Makeup

Have a permanent make-up in summer at Selectum Luxury Resort Belek's expert staff.

Eyebrow Dyeing & Shaping

It is hard to spare time for yourself in the summer. Visit our hair salon to keep up with the latest trends.

Shaving of Beard

We thought about males too. Join our hair salon to define your beard and refresh with your appearance.

Kids’ Haircuts

Looking forward to welcoming you and your children to the hairdressing salon at Selectum.


Women’s friend during summer holidays Beauty is in simplicities.