Health & Safety

As Selectum Hotels, the health and safety of our guests is among our top priorities. We work diligently to provide a comfortable accommodation experience for you and to ensure your safety.

The health and safety policies of our hotel have been established in accordance with international standards. We take the following measures to ensure that our guests have a peaceful stay:

Hygienic and Clean Environments: All our hotel areas are regularly cleaned and hygienically maintained. Our rooms are also cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.

Personnel Training: All of our employees receive training on health and safety issues. We serve with a trained team to comply with hygiene standards, ensure the safety of our guests and meet their needs in the best way.

Ensuring Security: There are security guards in our hotel 24 hours a day and our facility is monitored by security cameras. Thus, we take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our guests.

Contingency Plan: We are prepared for emergencies and regularly review our contingency plans. We have emergency teams in order to provide fast and effective intervention in any adverse situation.

Food and Beverage Services: We offer delicious meals in a hygienic environment in our restaurants. We select our suppliers meticulously and serve in accordance with food safety standards.

As Selectum Hotels, we are sensitive about the health and safety of our guests. We are constantly improving our service quality and security measures to provide you with an unforgettable stay experience.

We are pleased to welcome you as the Selectum Hotels family. We are here to meet your needs and make your stay special.