Refresh, Relax, Regenerate

Spa & Wellness

"To do what hasn't been done, to offer what hasn't been presented!" 
SELECTUM PURE SPA, a brand of Selectum Hotels & Resorts, promises unique therapies, natural beauty treatments, healing effects, tranquil relaxation areas, captivating scents, and high-quality care and personalized services.

Enjoy Your Holiday with Your Family

Family Vacation

Plan your family getaway and live the holiday experience you've imagined.
Build lasting memories, strengthen bonds, and share happiness.
At Selectum Hotels, a family vacation becomes a special time when hearts unite and smiles intermingle.
Get ready for an adventure brimming with joyful moments, as a family vacation at Selectum Hotels is adorned with unforgettable memories.

Everything is Special For Them

Kids Club

In Selectum, children embark on thrilling, entertaining, and educational summer adventures, participating in competitions, games, artistic activities, workshops, and scientific experiments alongside their peers.
The Selectum Kids Club concept is designed to cater to children of all age groups.

Activities That Enrich Your Vacation


Whether you prefer a summer or winter vacation, we will do our best to provide you with a fun-filled holiday. Our professional teams work diligently to offer a wide range of entertainment activities for guests of all ages.

Discover our resorts through our guests eyes