Selectum Luxury Resort Belek


The story of Selectum is a passionate tale of a glorious vision that draws inspiration from the renowned beauties of ancient times…
We have chosen the timeless Latin word for “the selected one”. This chosen one is elegant, alluring, compelling.

Our journey began from a powerful desire to bring Turkish hospitality from a classical perspective into the present, homage to the legendary figures of antiquity.
Our hearts swelled with longing and great excitement to realize this dream.We imagined walked patiently on this path called love.
With unceasing persistence and meticulous attention to details, we developed an uncommon architectural design, a uniquely attentive service approach.
We delivered into present-day reality an ideal world with an irresistible spirit…

In this distinctive vision, the art of entertainment exists day and night, alongside exquisite international and local cuisine prepared in exceptional restaurants by chefs passionate about their craft.
Every detail presents what has not been done yet, every aspect presents what has not been offered yet by others…

Each dawn shines light on a brand new story in Selectum.
This is Selectum Luxury Resort. Welcome.

  • 08 October

    Black & Blue Live Music Band

  • 09 October

    Arena Bar Party

  • 10 October

    Caper Live Music Band

  • 11 October

    Identıty Party

  • 12 October

    Cheescake Live Music Band

  • 13 October

    Neron Party

  • 14 October

    Birol Live Music

  • Laila Yaxyaeva

    "Very Nice Hotel! Polite... Very nice hotel! Polite staff!"
  • Diana K

    "Best Hotel Ever

    I was in this hotel for a week. Beautiful scenery, amazing food, top of the line service. I also would like to thank Ms. Natalia Kuripta for entertaining us and making sure that we ads having the best time ever."
  • ss_rdd

    I Would Strongly Recommend It! - Very stylish and very comfortable hotel. We had a dream week. The cleaning, the fact that all the staff are involved, they are constantly trying to make you feel special, the variety of the dishes and the taste, variety of beverages was stupendous. The only issue we criticized was the animation. The demonstrations were successful, but you feel like you have gone to Russia. Local tourists have taken the second plan in this sense. Songs and singers were intensely chosen to think of the Russians and while they were enjoying, it was boring for us. Other than that, it is definitely recommended. Especially do not miss the patisserie that opens in the lobby at noon. Delicious flavors. We kindly thank to the lady at the patisserie who has been always friendly and we are giving our greetings to her. :)
  • alibey37

    There is no sunbed problem, there are parties! - We have been real happy to see the hotel which is providing the real Luxury concept and also we are very happy that we had never problems in this hotel about sunbeds like the other nearest hotels.We kindly thank to the sommelier Serkan Bey and his all staff. Furthermore I would like to mention that the hotel has a perfect sense of entertainment. Parties and daytime animations are successfull, we also would like to thank to Hikmet Bey from entertainment crew that he treated us always in a perfect way. We were very interested in the restaurant. Many thanks to Mister Şahin and all other restaurant staff they were very successful. We kindly thank to Bulent Bey for his wonderful tastes. PS: Best holiday I have done in years "
  • Gamze Yiğit Taş Kandemir

    Wonderfull hotel, we are definitely recommending … - I would definitely recommend a very nice hotel :)
  • Can Ş

    Perfect hotel- Dear Selectum Family I was sure that I am going to be satisfied by this vacation, me and my family we have been all satisfied. Throughout our vacation he provided us an impeccable service and he had been very successful at his job We thank to Muammer Bingöl from F&B Staff. Owing to his perfect service, humorous personality made us delighted and satisfied. I  and my family are glad to meet such a person and we have been delighted that such kind of people are working for the Turkish Tourism. We hope that we can meet such people on the future times...
  • yavuzhalici

    Comfortable, Stylish And Fun - We stayed at the hotel between the dates of 25-31 July. Beyond our expectations we had a very nice holiday. The hotel was perfectly comfortable and clean. The food was fresh, tasty and rich in variety. The pool side, the beach and the sunbeds on the pier are comfortable and sufficient. You feel comfortable and private at the hotel. This is a big contribution of the staff. We especially would like to thank Şahin and Özgür for the restaurant, in Patisserie Eylül Derin, from animation crew Ömer, Hikmet, Mehmet, Artem and Pınar who works in the poolbar so we thank also to housekeeper Fatma and Barman Suat cause of their kind services. We have been very satisfied and we are advising this hotel to everybody.

    I believe that this is going to be a hotel that does not resemble any other - and it will amaze you with its services.

    The staff is perfect; they already have adopted the motto of “there is no limit in service”. Every road taken with love continues with happiness and joy. Godspeed! 
  • gurkanz

    Perfect Holiday - We had a holiday where everything was very nice. The animations of the hotel were spectacular. The meals were varied and tasty. The room we stayed in was clean and smelly. If you are in the lobby of the hotel, it smells wonderful everywhere. The hotel's pier was also spectacular.The hotel staff were very helpful and professional in their work, very friendly and interested. I thank you all very much. I would recommend this hotel to everyone ..

    It seems to be an utterly perfect hotel. 

    During my stay, I could observe that every detail was being thoroughly considered during the renovation. Everything is just perfect. The spaciousness of the rooms, the pool, the staff, the management, and the cleanliness, plus the activities… What else to write… It is simply beautiful. The concerts will definitely mark this summer. I am not going to discuss the pool, which is to be designed in an Ibiza-style that I have not seen in any other hotels I have stayed in.
  • g_said_aze

    Great rest - Great place, great food. Big swimming pool. Animation was not so active. Nice rooms, but a little bit low lightning. Very lovely personal, specially Muammer Bingol from 7/24 restaurant was very friendly.
  • Arabella Si Mihaita Ban

    Authentic 5 Star Hotel!!! One Of The… - Authentic 5 star hotel!!! One of the best!!!
  • Muhammed Bozdoğan

    Very beautifull I advise this holiday… - Very beautifull, I advise this place as the most beautifull place to have a holiday.
  • Oksana Syla

    It is worth its 5 stars. Food,… - It is worth its 5 stars. Nutrition, service, staff-super! Extremely elegant and pathetic interior. For designers, the overhang !!!



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